Seven ways to

speed up the sale of your home

Selling your home can be a frustrating experience, particularly if you expect your property to sell quickly, yet it appears to linger on the market for longer than you anticipated. Whilst there are of course many factors that influence how quickly your home will sell, there are ways you can maximise your chances of a quick sale.

At Firefly we are masters in advising on ways to speed up the sale of your home. So, here are our top seven easy fixes:

Clear out the clutter

  • Throw away old newspapers and magazines.
  • Pack away small items like figurines and other trinkets.
  • Store unused clothing so wardrobes appear more roomy.
  • Clean out the garage.

Wash your windows

This immediately lets more light into the interior of your home, not to mention that dirty windows are a turn off.

  • Wash fingerprints from walls and doors.
  • Clean dirt from light switch plates.
  • Clean the floors, oven and hob, refrigerator, washer and ndryer.

Lighten up

Add brighter bulbs to light fittings to make your rooms appear brighter, especially dark rooms or corners. A light room is warm and welcoming.

  • Replace any burnt-out bulbs.
  • Turn lights on before potential buyers come to view.

Make minor repairs

Those little fixes that you can’t be bothered to deal with will potentially show up and can create a bad impression. Even small, seemingly trivial problems may give buyers the impression that your home isn’t well maintained.

Kerb appeal counts

It’s important to catch a potential buyer’s attention from the moment they step onto your land. You only get one chance so make the most of it.

  • Cut the grass.
  • Rake up any leaves.
  • Trim the hedges.
  • Patch any holes in your driveway.
  • Clear dirty gutters.
  • Polish or replace your front doorknob and door numbers. Place bright potted plants near the front door.

Banish smells

The number one turn off for a potential buyer is an unpleasant odour. So, whilst it is an extra expense, replacing old, smelly and tired carpets and curtains is worthwhile to speed up the sale of your home and the additional price you receive for your house will likely outweigh the expense. If you are not replacing soft furnishings, then consider getting them professionally cleaned.

  • Clean carpets and curtains to eliminate cooking odours, smoke, and pet smells.
  • Throw open the windows.
  • Don’t cook fried foods the night before a viewing.